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Another new Podtoid this week -- with emphasis on the new. We've got new hosting, a new Valve game to play, and a new home for our own Jim Sterling. I'm tempted to make some sort of joke about episode 77 having a "new podcast smell," but that sort of stuff is really overplayed.

Anyway. Jim, Aaron, Topher and I talked about PETA, the NXE, and the anniversary of Half-Life. Since we're now being hosted by the GamerCast Network, you can now listen to the show here, or subscribe to us on iTunes. Highlights include:

- Space Invaders Extreme is surprisingly literal 

- Adam Dork, voice of an angel 

- Director AI: great for campaigns, less great for versus

- Jim Sterling says the best thing you've ever heard 

- Topher Cantler doesn't give a free pass to the phrase, "free pass"

- After being forced to, we find fault with Valve

Roughly half of our Valve discussions were based of Zcdrike's question, so he gets the cool swag. Send an email to reverendanthony [a t] gmail [ d o t ] com and we'll send you some stuff.

[The song is "Comfort Eagle" by Cake.]

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