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It's that time of year for Holiday joy and mindless consumerism, and Podtoid chose to ignore both this week. Apart from the reader questions, you won't find any real mentions of Christmas -- no crappy Christmas music intro (instead, you'll get some pre- and post-show banter that would have otherwise been cut), no talk about our favorite gifts, none of that.

As always, you can listen here. There are some Metal Gear Solid 4 spoilers sprinkled throughout. Highlights include:

- Jim tells you how to feel about Metal Gear Solid 4 

- Procedural versus scripted narrative 

- Franchises, sequels, and the complications therein

- "I'm Bishop"

- Beating a dead horse, setting the horse on fire, cutting it into small pieces and eating it, then defacating it out and beating on it some more

This week's most interesting question came from KorJax, with his question about "small touches" in games. Send me an email with your mailing address and we'll send you out a Dtoid swag basket.

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