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Picture by Adam Dork.

If you ever want to feel suicidal for about two hours straight, just ask Brad Nicholson what he did when he woke up. Just ask him. Around the time he's finished throwing out phrases like "four hundreth sit-up," you will truly understand just how abysmal your own body is.

And then you will begin to masturbate.

This week, Brad joined the regular cast to talk about a whole cavalcade of stuff. You can listen here, as always. Highlights included:

- Linde love Siegelpuns

- The end of EGM

- Bob (of Bob's Game) is potentially a genius of the highest order

- Nintendo wants to give you the option to watch your games rather than play them

- Muscle Corner with Brad Nicholson

This week's best question came from XanderSan, who simultaneously gave me idea for the next RFGO New Gamer Dictionary. Send me an email at reverendanthony [a t ]gmail [d ot] com with your address and shirt size and we'll send you a Dtoid swag bag.

[The songs are from here.]

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