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This week's Podtoid is almost completely unlike last week's -- it's varied, unstructured, and not even remotely pretentious the majority of the time. Also, both Linde and Samit are on it, which is nice. You can, as always, listen to it here, or subscribe to us on iTunes (which is even better).

Highlights include:

- Make sure to get your hands on a copy of the 1997 Street Fighter movie for next week's episode

- The above art was made by Luke Barnard

- BioShock 2 crap

- Destructoid community lovefest

- The joke that isn't a joke

- No after-show conversations because the show was so damn long to begin with

The best question this week came from Darth Kupi, because it gave us all a chance to vent and make jokes at someone else's expense. Send your mailing address to reverendanthony[a t] and we'll send your Dtoid swag bag forthwith.

And if you want to see Luke Barnard's full drawing, hit the jump.

[The music is the Top Gun Anthem.]

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